Squad RG Clear Poly

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The best way to achieve a higher average is to fill those frames in which you don't knock down all 10 pins. Spares, Spares, Spares! The Squad RG Clear Poly is here to help you fill those frames.

Inside you will find a traditional three-piece core for straight forward, no-messing-around pin charging power.

 Outside you will find a Clear Polyester coverstock; smooth and durable for years of dependable performance.

No matter the condition from bone dry to swimming in oil, this ball will handle your leftovers.

  • Color: Clear
  • Coverstock: Polyester
  • Weight Block: 3-piece core
  • Factory Finish: 3500 Grit Polished
  • Flare Potential: Low/Low
  • Radius of Gyration (RG): 16lbs - 2.68; 15lbs - 2.68; 14lbs - 2.69
  • Differential (Diff): 16lbs - 0.006; 15lbs - 0.006; 14lbs - 0.006
  • Intermediate Differential (Diff): N/A
  • Fragrance: N/A